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вторник, 17 декабря 2013 г.


latex2rtf is a translator program to convert LaTeX formatted text files into “rich text format” (RTF) files. RTF is a published standard format by Microsoft. This standard can be ambiguous in places, but RTF is supported by many text editors. Specifically, it is supported by Microsoft Word. This means that the conversion of a LaTeX document to RTF allows anyone with a copy of Word to convert LaTeX files to Word .doc or .docx files.
Conversion of a wide range of input encodings
Conversion of equations (unfortunately using the broken Microsoft implementation of EQ fields)
Conversion of tables
Conversion of graphics
Conversion of cross-references
Conversion of bibliographies
The Word-centric conversion of LaTeX files is because that is what I needed. Perhaps one day this will change, but because the Microsoft field extensions are poorly supported by Open Office (for good reason), the emitted RTF files tend to be Microsoft Word specific.

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